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Smart Bird Feeder with Camera, 1080P HD Bird Watching Camera

Smart Bird Feeder with Camera, 1080P HD Bird Watching Camera

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  • 【Capture Enchanting Bird Moments Anytime, Anywhere】Never miss a moment of wonder, and get up close with the birds. The luvan Bird Feeder Camera automatically captures and records videos of all the feathered visitors at the feeder. Receive real-time notifications on your app. Whether you are at home or away, you can witness these fascinating creatures up close. Let's explore the beauty of nature together, embrace intimate encounters with birds, and illuminate your bird-watching journey!
  • 【1080P HD Color Night Vision for Unforgettable Birdwatching】Experience 1080P HD color night vision! Its 7m ultra-long night vision range ensures optimal images and birdwatching videos even in darkness. With a 145° wide-angle lens and 200W pixels, you'll get an up-close view, capturing feather details and immersing yourself in the world of birds. The video bird feeder supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, eliminating signal loss worries! Effortlessly capture every moment of bird visits.

  • 【The bird lover's paradise】Our exquisitely designed bird feeder is the perfect addition to your backyard. Its bird-friendly design is sure to attract a diverse array of birds to your garden. With a large 1.6L capacity container, you can provide ample food for your feathered friends without constant refilling. The sturdy bracket construction and IP65 waterproof rating ensure that the bird's food remains dry and mold-free even on rainy days, offering a cozy shelter for our avian companions.

  • 【Discover the Wonderful World of Birds】Are you curious about the fascinating world of birds but often find it difficult to name them? Now, Luvan smart bird feeder with camera is here to solve this puzzle for you! Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, it can identify over 11,000 species of birds. Through the Vicohome app, you can easily access detailed information about various bird species and even enjoy an educational wildlife experience suitable for all ages.

  • 【Solar Charging】This bird house camera is equipped with a built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery and two solar panels for automatic charging. It has an impressive standby time of up to 1 year, eliminating the need for frequent recharging. It supports AWS cloud storage and 128GB SD card, allowing you to back up and save the wonderful moments captured while feeding birds. Equipped with an alarm, spotlight, and two-way communication, it safeguards the safety of the birds and deters unwanted guests.




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