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Glass Pickle Jar, 34oz Olive Hourglass Jar with Strainer

Glass Pickle Jar, 34oz Olive Hourglass Jar with Strainer

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  • Food Grade & Safe Material: The pickle holder's lid and bottom is made of BPA free PP plastic and silicone.The clear body is made of Lead-free high borosilicate glass and of which thickness is 3.3mm. Luvan pickle jar can tolerates -20℃-560°℃ (-4℉-1040℉) temperture,so it is dishwasher safe,refrigerator safe,recyclable and durable,you can use it for years to come

  • Sealable Lid& Non-Slip Bottom: The cover of pickle container has leakproof design,and the inside of the cover is equipped with a sealing silicone ring to ensure the freshness of the contents and the convenience of storage; When you storage,the bottom of the kimchi jar is provided with a non-slip silicone case,anti-drop and anti-skid can be used with confidence in your refridge or cupboard
  • Wide Mouth for Easy Refilling &Cleaning: The pickle keeper with strainer has a large top diameter of 8.5cm/3.4in,which can easily replenish food and clean the pickle storage container; the filter in the middle of the pickle hourglass jar and silicone case is made of flexible soft silicone,which is detachable and cleanable at any time

  • 34oz Large Capacity: The size of the oliver jar is 4*4*7inch,the capacity is 1000ml/34oz,the upper half capacity is 700ml/23.7oz,and the lower half capacity is 310ml/10.5oz,which can be used for storage different types of kimchi,and serve fresh kimchi to your family and guests. Luvan juice separator also works well with fruit such as maraschino cherries,pineapple tidbits,carrots,apples,and vegetables such as onions,gerkins,garlic,beets,okra,banana pepper rings,pepperoncinis,mushrooms

  • Unique Hourglass Juice Separator: The flip pickle jar has a dual compartment design.Just flip the hourglass pickle jar to separate the liquid from the pickle when in use,so you can simply take the pickle without getting your hands wet.After use,flip back the upside down jar and let the pickles soak in brine again to maintain their freshness and savor
  • Note:If you find that there is no sealing ring in the cover,please contact me immediately (In case the staff did not put the seal ring in cover and cause leakage)

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