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Professional Pepper Grinder Mill,Heavy Duty High Output Aluminum Pepper Mill

Professional Pepper Grinder Mill,Heavy Duty High Output Aluminum Pepper Mill

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  • 【Power Efficiency】This manual pepper grinder produces powder 10 times faster than the top grinder; Pepper your steak with just 2 gentle turns instead of dozens to protect your wrists.The minimalist but sophisticated appearance of the black pepper grinder is ideal to meet any your kitchen decor!

  • 【High Quality Material】The metal Pepper mill features a heavy duty solid grind and anodized aluminum body, as well as oversized bearings supporting the drive shaft and high-carbon stainless steel burrs for a long grinding life. It can last a lifetime, avoiding the use of salt and other corrosive or acidic substances.
  • 【Adjustable Coarseness】Remove the bottom storage tank and easily rotate the dial to choose fine or coarse particles according to your preference; Note: Before adjustment, please adjust the knob clockwise to the tightest position, and take this as the "origin", and then rotate counterclockwise to the required number of grids (1-5 grids cannot be ground), so as not to damage the grinding core;
  • 【Various flavors】The thickness can be adjusted to meet different needs; The finer ground of pepper is good for sauces, stock dressings and green salads; Medium fine particles are suitable for pizza; Coarser grains are more suitable for grilled steaks, meats and hearty dishes;

  • 【Easy to fill】The diameter of the pepper grinder is 5cm, the lid can be removed quickly, easy to fill and can hold 50g of pepper for grinding; The bottom storage tank can be used to store pepper and help keep the pepper fresh and the kitchen clean;

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